The nyckelharpa is entering an exciting time in the UK and we are pleased to be able to offer different sorts of workshops at festivals or in the comfort of your own home. Sign up for individual or group taster sessions with instruments.Vicki's experience as an instrumental music teacher, workshop leader and Swedish heritage combine in a perfect way to bring the Swedish nyckelharpa to the UK


I’m selling a real, original Swedish Nyckelharpa made in Sweden - a wonderful world music instrument, kind of rare (in countries other than Sweden). I tell people it’s a cross between a cello, a sitar and a piano - it is a keyed ancient fiddle. This one has three rows of melody keys (some only ha

Sören is among today's best nyckelharpa builders. He has built roughly one hundred instruments which are dispersed all over the world. In 2002 he presided over the first nyckelharpa building course ever held in the USA, with a follow-up course in 2005. It’s a while since I collected my lovely nyckelharpa from Olle Plahn in Falun, Sweden, in May 2014.

Nyckelharpa for sale

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The FiddleHarpa is also for sale! And will also be available for inspection at the Nisswa Stammen in June, too. (Scroll down the page a little way for all the details) _____ The Nyckelharpa (or "Keyed Fiddle") is the national folk instrument of Sweden. Nyckelharpa - Holger Funke March 11, 2017 for sale TENOR NYCKELHARPA 4 ROW (GG-D-A-e) (in customer order, played by a famous musician) The Swedish instrument Nyckelharpa has seen a great renaissance in the last decades.

Nyckelharpa is a Swedish word that roughly translates to key fiddle. The modern nyckelharpa is a chromatic instrument with 16 strings: three melody strings, one drone string and twelve resonant strings. Those twelve strings lie underneath the melody strings and vibrate sympathetically,

I'm looking to purchase a nyckelharpa for my partner who is a string musician. He typically plays violin, viola and double bass but we bought a cheap strohviol while traveling and this has sparked an interest in more unusual string instruments, so I thought I would try to find a nyckelharpa as a surprise. And I haven't played it in a snowstorm. There are also 12 sympathetic strings, added in the mid 1700s, possibly inspired by the viola d’amore.

Nyckelharpa for sale

Instruments, not for sale . The Harpa from Esse Chromatic nyckelharpa : Chromatic nyckelharpa Cello tuned Moraharpan. A harpatype from the 1600 th and 1700 th

The nyckelharpa is usually played with a strap around the neck, stabilised by the right arm. Didier François, a violinist and nyckelharpist from Belgium, is noted for using an unusual playing posture, holding the nyckelharpa vertically [clarification needed] in front of the chest. Enar Magnusson is on Facebook.

Nyckelharpa for sale

KONZERT: Thomas Roths Nyckelharpa Journey Band Termin: 07.03.2020 Beginn: 20.00 Uhr #Repost @lutniklucjan • • • • • Ive got this one for sale.
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Instruments and Nyckelharpa bows for sale made by Ian McMaster - nyckelharpa maker. 2016-07-12 · Nyckelharpa Builder, Buy a nyckelharpa, bow, strings. In search for a (new) nyckelharpa?Or perhaps for a new bow or strings?Below you can find contact details of nyckelharpa builders worldwide, in alphabetical order per country, from Sweden to The Netherlands and further. People wanting to make their own nyckelharpa: Sören Åkher has recorded a DVD of how to make your own nyckelharpa. Also available is a book of plans.

Please note that there are no factories, they are all hand made. The cheapest you can typically get a Swedish 3-rowed nyckelharpa, from Sweden is about $2500. There are very few used nyckelharpas available.
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2017-05-10 · The nyckelharpa also is known as the Swedish key fiddle and is a popular instrument used in traditional Swedish folk music. According to the American Nyckelharpa Association (ANA), a nonprofit that preserves and fosters the instrument, the instrument has evolved over the past 600 years.

It has 70 keys in four key rows and is tuned one octave lower than the fiddle. Big Saving Days Sale ends in18 hrs : 29 mins : 55 secs. Share.

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Vermont Violins was the first to distribute the Prim Nyckelharpa strings in the US, having supplied for years the American Nyckelharpa Association for their online sales. Our Nyckelharpa bow is finely crafted by Gewa Music in Germany from quality woods. The bow is closer to a Baroque violin bow in design, though significantly shorter at 38 cm.

Enar Magnusson (Västerbotten) The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument that has been played in Swedish folk music - nyckelharpa Till salu / For sale | Bo Nilsson Fiol, Musica. play nyckel harpa. The Nyckelharpa is a Scandinavian Instrument.Picture of musical instruments. ashamusic instruments · Till salu / For sale | Bo Nilsson Musik. Search for over 90 million sold items in our price database. Results for nyckelharpa. For sale 0 · Sold 182.